The Amazing Meeting 2012

The primary reason for this trip was to attend the 10th annual "The Amazing Meeting" (TAM). From the web site:

The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) has hosted its annual Amaz!ng Meeting since 2003 as a way to promote science, skepticism and critical thinking about paranormal and supernatural claims to the broader public. “TAM,” as it’s known by regular attendees, has been held in Las Vegas, NV since 2004 and has become the world’s largest gathering of like-minded science-advocates and skeptics. People from all over the world come to the Amaz!ng Meeting each year to share learning and laughs with fellow skeptics and distinguished guest speakers.

TAM-2012 ran for 4 days from Thursday 7/12 thru Sunday 7/15. Attendance was 1200+. 

Penn Jilette's Rock & Roll, Doughnut and Bacon Party 2: Bring the Stupid

This was a private party sponsored by Pann Julette himself. All proceeds were donated to JREF. Penn  and his "No God Band" performed original music.
Penn Julette Playing Base
The "No God Band" Singers
Penn Julette & Singer

Penn & Teller - 38 Years of Magic and BS

This was Saturday's keynote presentation. The duo discussed their years performing together. And yes, Teller did speak...

The Grand Ballroom at South Point Hotel
Penn & Teller
Teller Speaks





Angeles National Forest

Mohave Desert


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