Mohave Desert

I did a lot of driving around the Mohave Desert, but stayed strictly to the main roads due to weather conditions. 

The first two days (Tuesday & Wednesday) had high heat warnings. Driving up I-15 near Zzyzx, CA the car outdoor thermometer peaked at 120degF.

Then on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, moist air moved in producing thunderstorms with the attendant flash flooding. 

Solar Power Tower near Primm

One of three solar power towers being built near Primm, NV (I-15 on the NV/CA line). 

Eventually, the tower will be surrounded by a sea of mirrors that track the sun. The reflections are focused on the black area near the top, heating a working fluid and driving a generator. Total expected power from all three towers is 400MW.

North Shore Drive Oasis

This is an amazing area in the middle of the scrub desert that surrounds Lake Mead Reservoir. North Shore Drive crosses a small bridge over this stream. There are plenty of safe parking spots to stop and admire the view. Just up the road is a large parking area with access to hiking trails thru the area.

The stream is draining Lake Las Vegas into the reservoir.

North Shore Drive 2

Another shot along North Shore Drive.

Valley of Fire 1 A shot along the road thru Valley of Fire State Park. The park is about 45min north on I-15 from the Vegas Strip.






Angeles National Forest

Mohave Desert


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