Angeles National Forest

The Angeles National Forest is a beautiful area encompassing most of the San Gabriel Mountains. The 66mi long Angeles Crest Highway (CA-2) traverses the area, and makes for a very enjoyable day trip from L.A.

Looking north from just below Dawson Saddle

The view looking north from just below Dawson Saddle (el 7900ft), the highest point along the route.

The light patch near the horizon (just left of center) is Rogers Dry Lake within Edwards Air Force Base. This is where NASA landed the Space Shuttle when Kennedy Space Center was not available. According to Google maps, the dry lake is 35+ miles away in this picture.

Morman Rocks 1

This outcropping is part of a formation known as "Morman Rocks". The area is in Cajon Pass, along CA-138 a few miles east of the end of Angeles Crest Highway.

The San Andreas Fault runs right through here, and is responsible for tilting these rocks upward.

Morman Rocks 2

Another outcropping

Mt Wilson Observatory

A ~5mi side trip off of CA-2 takes you to Mt Wilson Observatory. At an elevation of  ~5700ft, there are spectacular views of the greater Los Angelas area.

100in Telescope

The 100in Hooker Telescope.

This is the telescope used by Edwin Hubble when he discovered the expansion of the universe.

Solar Telescope

The 160ft tall solar telescope




Angeles National Forest

Mohave Desert


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