Central California - May/June 2009

Mammoth Lakes - …and Ice

Along with the interesting volcanic features in the Mammoth Lakes area there are several features generated by glaciers. Most of the lakes in the region were formed by glaciers, and the region contains many prominent moraines.


Looking west along June Lake Loop Road. This is a very popular hiking/fishing/camping area, and was a nice ~45min ride. There are several glacial lakes along this route.


June Lake with the eastern Sierras in the background.


Convict Lake, another glacial lake and popular fishing area. Named in 1871 for several escaped convicts, the story behind it in pretty interesting.


This shot was taken along US395, looking west into the Sierras. Note the green colored ridge running across the foreground. I would estimate it is pushing 100ft high. Also note that the ridge seems to be “granular” as opposed to the solid rock slopes behind it. The green coloration is grass growing on this huge pile of debris. This debris was deposited here by a glacier that once flowed down the background valley. In other words it is a moraine.


A shot of manmade Lake Crowley and the White Mountains in the background.


The story behind this lake, part of the California Water Wars, is very interesting. In a nutshell, the problems began in the early 1900’s. At this time the city of Los Angeles was trying to secure a water source for its growing population. They ended up buying most of the water rights in the Owens Valley, many times by fraudulent means. This deprived the local farmers/ranchers of needed water. And since the representatives of the city had political connections in higher places (state and federal), the locals lost.


Another shot of Lake Crowley. Here we see some impressive storms over the White Mountains.



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Mammoth Lakes – Fire…

Mammoth Lakes –  ... and Ice

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